Emma Morano, oldest woman on Earth passes away at 117

Emma Morano, oldest woman on Earth passes away at 117

The last surviving person born in the 1800s passed away this Saturday in northern Italy according to her physician, Dr. Carlo Bava. She passed away in her home in Verbania, a town on Lake Maggiore.

Emma Morano’s caretaker informed the doctor that she had stopped breathing while sitting in her armchair. The doctor says that he had last seen Emma Morano on Friday. Morano spent more time sleeping and less time talking since the past few weeks. Morano had been Dr. Bava’s patient for nearly 25 years. Morano was born on November 29th, 1899. She lived with her elderly nieces and her caregiver. “She didn’t suffer. I’m happy she didn’t suffer but passed away that way, tranquilly,” Bava said.

The doctor said that until a few weeks ago, Morano has been her usual talkative self. Since then, she began spending the entire day in bed.

Morano left her abusive husband in 1938, a time when women were expected to be submissive. “She was always decisive,” said the doctor. At the age of sixteen, she was working in a factory that made jute bags, and then at a hotel, well past the regular age of retirement. She was considered a good dancer and singer.

Morano often refused to follow doctors’ advice. They had cautioned her against eating three eggs a day. However, she ignored their advice and ate them anyway for years.

Violet Brown from Jamaica, born on March 10, 1900 is now the oldest person in the world, according to the list maintained by the Gerontology Research Group.

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