The Internet Trolls Burger King’s New Ad

The Internet Trolls Burger King’s New Ad

Companies pay big bucks for people to think up creative ads for their products. Gone are the days when people just got on camera and explained how spectacular a particular product is. Consumers expect more from advertising.

Burger King thought they were being smart and tech savvy when their latest advertisement tells customers to ask Google what a “Whopper Burger” is, through O.K. Google.

What harm can a 15 second ad possibly do?

The answer to that question, to a certain extent, lies with Wikipedia. The data that is requested to answer the question comes from the Burger King Wikipedia Page. When the internet realized this, they edited the page with hilarious “alternate burger facts”.

Based on when you ran the commercial, the Whopper Burger contains dead children, poison, mustard gas, or woodchips.

People were quick to mention that Burger King was at fault for trusting Wikipedia.

Some were upset by Burger King resorting to intrusive advertising and believed that the fast food company brought this on themselves.

The PR and marketing world, however, doesn’t see this as a bad thing for Burger King since all the backlash is exposure, and all exposure is considered good for business.

As long as people are thinking about Burger King’s burgers, the advertisement seems to be doing its job, even if we’re laughing at it.

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