North Carolina restaurant – Caruso’s, gets glowing reviews after banning children

North Carolina restaurant – Caruso’s, gets glowing reviews after banning children

Business is soaring for an upscale Italian restaurant in North Carolina that banned kids. Well, not all kids. Caruso’s – located in Mooresville, North Carolina has been enjoying rave reviews from its customers from the time it decided to introduce its “no kids under five” policy a few months ago. Once word of the policy spread, customers started flocking in and sales have gone up by fifty percent.

“Our clientele has definitely increased, and we just encourage people to come out and experience our restaurant more,” the restaurant’s hostess said.

In a world where we have adult movies, adult pools, and adult sporting events, it makes perfect sense to have adult restaurants. Nobody looks forward to a meal at a restaurant with a kid screaming on their ear.

A customer said that the ban makes sure that when people visit the restaurant, they get the dining experience they paid for. A few customers were not pleased with this new move. Caruso’s was subjected to a fair share of criticism online. Some parents who visited the restaurant with their kids and were refused service complained in the comments, “Never been more disappointed and appalled,” “I won’t be going again” and some even claimed that it was discriminating on social media sites.

Others, even those with young children were a lot more understanding. “If they don’t like the rule, then find somewhere else that serves nice Italian food,” suggested one person.

Competition is tough with grocery stores and take-out services jumping into the game. Running a restaurant successfully isn’t simple. Restaurants will want to try any new idea that helps get more customers in the door and Caruso’s new policy is showing very compelling results.

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