Suspect arrested 31 years after fatal stabbing thanks to Advanced DNA Testing

Suspect arrested 31 years after fatal stabbing thanks to Advanced DNA Testing

Thirty-one years ago, a man was fatally stabbed in Lemon Grove. Homicide detectives have finally arrested a suspect due to advanced DNA testing, according to the statement made by San Diego County Sheriff’s deputies (SDSO).

Fifty-two year old Stacy Littleton from San Diego has been charged with a single count of murder in the death of Cyrus Jefferson, said the deputies. At the time of his arrest, Littleton was already at the San Diego Central Jail on charges unrelated to the murder of Jefferson.

Deputies found the body of Jefferson in a field on the 2500 block of 69th Street in Lemon Grove on October 11, 1986, a little before 7:30 a.m., according to the SDSO.

Jefferson had been stabbed to death and was only twenty years old at the time.

The Sheriff’s homicidal detail team carried out the investigation. During the initial investigation in 1986, the police had arrested Littleton on a murder charge, but he was released later. As the years passed by, the case went unsolved.

The Sheriff’s detectives relaunched the investigation into the case recently and re-evaluated the evidence collected at the crime scene. The advancement of DNA technology enabled the detectives to link Littleton to the murder. A warrant was issued and Littleton was arrested.

Littleton was already in custody for drug possession and drug paraphernalia possession. The bail amount was set at $12,500. With the additional murder charge, he is being held on a $1 million bail. Detectives have urged people to come forward with any information they have regarding the murder of Cyrus Jefferson.

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