Dinosaurs make their way to Denver zoo

Dinosaurs make their way to Denver zoo

The Denver zoo may not be Jurassic Park but it’s pretty close with its newest additions. On Tuesday, twenty one dinosaur sculptures made their way into the Denver zoo. Eighteen out of the twenty one, are animatronic. They can move around and roar as guests walk past.

The dinosaurs include Raptors, Iguanodon, and the great T-Rex itself, which stands around 13 feet tall. The zoo already has six hundred animals. The dinosaurs will be placed near the real-life animals with whom they share certain traits. The flamingos and the big horned sheep should get ready for a few odd neighbours.

The famously long-necked Brachiosaurus sculpture will be standing across from the giraffes, proving to be quite the competition in terms of neck-size. The zoo also mentioned the “selfie-saurus”. Visitors will be allowed to sit on the selfie-saurus and get a good selfie with it.

The life-sized dinosaur sculptures are not all that the Denver zoo has planned. From July to October, the zoo will organize events related to dinosaurs, like Prehistoric Parties, Dino Safari CampOuts, and even fossil digs. Small, aspiring paleontologists too are encouraged to join the dig and “find” dinosaur bones.

The dinosaurs will be available for viewing from July 1st to November 1st, so those interested should hurry before they miss the opportunity to see dinosaurs in Denver. The Denver zoo website has the entire list of special events to be held at the zoo.

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