Child’s body brought to hospital was already decomposing

Child’s body brought to hospital was already decomposing

The body of a boy from western Michigan had already begun to decompose when his mother brought him to the hospital. Authorities believe that the mother had ignored him for two days in their sweltering home with no air conditioning.

The temperature in the apartment was around ninety degrees ( thirty-two degrees Celsius ) a few hours after the 6 month old child was pronounced dead on arrival at a Grand Rapids hospital.

Noah Johnson weighed around 12 pounds and suffered a severe diaper rash after his mother, Lovily Johnson, smoked marijuana and went out to visit her friends. She left him home, strapped to a car seat and mostly unsupervised.

Johnson has been jailed with first degree murder and child abuse charges. The probable cause hearing will be held on August 2.

According to court records, Noah was left alone for roughly twelve hours after he was given a bottle at 10 a.m. During that time, the child’s diaper was not changed. On the day that followed, he was left alone from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and then until 5 a.m.

When Johnson found her son unresponsive after returning home, she did not call 911. She contacted the father, who also did not call emergency services but drove them to the hospital.

Johnson’s history with CPS

In the past, Johnson had encounters with the state regarding Noah and his older sister. In March 2015, Child Protective Services files a complaint after her new born daughter had tested positive for marijuana. Johnson said that she had been smoking while she was pregnant.

Another complaint had been filed earlier this month after Noah had been left in an unlocked vehicle that was parked outside a video rental shop. Johnson’s daughter has been placed in state care.

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