“Caturday” to be held in Boston where cats will gather by the hundreds

“Caturday” to be held in Boston where cats will gather by the hundreds

Napping, lounging and enjoying the outdoors – cats will get together in Boston to have some good old, regular, cat fun.

People and their cats will meet at an event called the First Caturday at Boston Common Sunday, August 6th, 2017. Initially, the event was planned for Saturday, but the possibility of rain forced cat lovers to give up the pun and change the date of the feline festival.

“Caturday is a spontaneous celebration that happens when our cats take us to the park,” said the first post by Caturday on its Instagram account.

A thousand people are expected to attend the event, with or without cats. The event was planned to give cats an opportunity to enrich their lives in an environment and with activities that are different from what they do each day – usually prowling around an apartment or a house. Owners will most likely be socializing and exchanging information about cat-care.

The cats at the event will either be on a leash or in strollers. It has been strongly advised that the owners of the cats keep them on the leash and train them before the event. The organizers also encouraged owners to make sure that the cats like the outdoors.

“Do not bring your cat to First Caturday if they are not sufficiently leash trained or comfortable with the outdoors in a stroller or carrier,” said the organizer through the event’s Facebook page.

First Caturday will begin at 9 a.m. and go on till noon, a temperature that is considered the most comfortable for cats to enjoy the outdoors.

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