After pregnancy announcement rocks internet, paraplegic man, fiancée steps into parenthood

After pregnancy announcement rocks internet, paraplegic man, fiancée steps into parenthood

A paraplegic man and his fiancee welcomed a baby boy, months after their hilarious pregnancy announcement won the hearts of millions over the internet.

In February 2017 Todd Krieg and Amanda Diesen became online sensation when they created a funny pregnancy announcement explaining that, although Kreig was paraplegic, they were expecting their first child together.

And six months later in August, the Ohio Couple  welcomed Everett Jason Kreig, nicknamed Rhett, into the world.

Speaking with Today, Amanda said parenting has been a rewarding experience for her and Todd, but the ‘tough part’ for him is being unable to help out as much as he would like.

‘If Rhett gets fussy he likes to be walked and bounced and rocked, but Todd is unable to do that,’ she said.

However, Amanda noted that they are grateful that Todd can do more for their child than they originally thought.

‘He had been told by someone else in his situation that he wouldn’t even be able to hold his son, but Todd holds Rhett every day,’ she explained.

‘Todd will occasionally feed Rhett, and I even made him change a dirty diaper the other day.’

Krieg, a former dirt bike racer, became paralyzed after a biking accident in 2014. After traveling to California for a rehabilitation program, Krieg met Diesen, who worked as a recovery specialist with patients at the facility. The pair fell in love, and after Krieg returned to Ohio in 2016, Diesen followed.

Shortly after, the couple learned that Diesen was pregnant with their first child — an unexpected event given Krieg’s paralysis.

“We definitely weren’t trying to have a baby — we wanted to get engaged, get married, and then start trying in a few years,” Diesen told TODAY Parents. “We found out at the beginning of December and were extremely shocked and overwhelmed. We took a test together and just about freaked out.”

The couple planned a heartwarming pregnancy photo shoot to announce the news to their family and friends, but one witty shot took the internet by storm.

In the comical image taken by photographer Kayla Duffin, Todd is giving a thumbs-up in his wheelchair while posed in front of a brick wall that has ‘It still works!’ written across it in chalk.

Amanda is standing next to him and pretending to be embarrassed as she holds up her ultrasound photo.

The couple’s friend ended up posting the photo on Reddit, and it earned them millions of fans.

Amanda noted that doctors told them that it was possible for her to get pregnancy naturally, but it would probably unlikely without IVF or other treatments. However, the two defied the odds and conceived ‘au naturel.’

Diesen says humor has been a key part of their ability to cope with the more difficult parts of Krieg’s condition.

“Of course there are moments of sadness and we can’t joke about it all the time — he truly is in pain constantly — but I’m thankful to do life together and to be able to bring him up,” said Diesen. “Todd brings so much joy to my life and everyone around us, and I can’t wait to watch him be an amazing father to our son.”

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