‘Childhood Arrivals’ of Yesterday Will/Can Become Street Criminals Of Today? A Wronged Father Means To Say‘will’.

‘Childhood Arrivals’ of Yesterday Will/Can Become Street Criminals Of Today? A Wronged Father Means To Say‘will’.

The incident may be a decade old, but the wounds are still fresh for Jamiel Shaw Sr. On March 2, 2008; his 17 years old son was murdered by an illegal immigrant who was brought into the US as a child. The accused, Pedro Espiniza has been sentenced to death.

Here, the question is not about bringing the criminal to justice. The question that is asked here is, should the ‘dreamers’ be extended that right to live, study and work in America for any longer?

Dreamers are the illegal immigrants in America who are protected under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. The program began in 2012 and by now there are 787,580 immigrants who are protected under this Act. In September 2017 the Trump administration decided to scrap DACA by March 2018.

With just over a month left for the DACA to become redundant, the debate is hot if that is the right decision. At this important juncture Shaw Sr., an outspoken supporter of Trump, stated, “Childhood arrivals” of today can easily become the street criminals of tomorrow.

In an interview with Fox & Friends, Shaw Sr. said ‘I don’t believe we owe them anything, you know.They seem to believe just because they were brought over that that makes them a child of God … The guy that murdered my son was brought over at 3 years old. He didn’t stay 3 years old.”

He went on to say “Our family members are dead. And when we complain, we’re a racist. I ’m happy what he’s doing. I wish he wouldn’t give them the amnesty. I wish he would make them earn it. You know, one by one, they get vetted one by one. Not just a blanket amnesty, just because you were brought over.”
“I don’t like that part, but, you know, I’m willing to take a little medicine to get what I want.”

The interview has been liked by more than 50 thousand times and has been shared hundreds of times too.

However, the other side of the coin is that the only illegal immigrants are not only the criminals. Even ‘real Americans ‘, commit crime.

Is the scrapping of DACA justified?

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