Give-up Teaching Or Teach In Fear, Armed College Students Make The Professors Anxious

Give-up Teaching Or Teach In Fear, Armed College Students Make The Professors Anxious

While the professors in 11 states- Texas, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Utah, Wisconsin, Georgia, Tennessee, and Arkansas are worried and concerned because their students might be carrying a gun; new campus carry bills are currently being discussed and debated in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Missouri.

Teaching-learning is a process that cannot take place in an ambiance of alarm and fear. Passing of campus carry law will not only be detrimental to this process, it will also pose a threat to the safety of the professors.

Academic freedom that is a must for education processes, will lose its spirit. In such a scenario a few faculty members have already left their position out of fear; others have a reason to leave.

Campus carry does have a’ chilling effect’ on academic debate and free exchange of ideas. Professors are afraid that the grading policies will be affected by campus carry as they would like to steer away from entering into a grade dispute with the students.

Faculty fears a loss of control over the classroom as an armed student may completely change the dynamics. A healthy debate could turn into cultural wars.

The professors are also apprehensive of the safety of fellow-students in the wake of campus carry law. Not only that, even the risk of suicide may go higher with the availability and accessibility of guns as college students are at an apex risk for suicide.

With campus carry law the professors have to take an important and difficult decision:
Whether to give up teaching or teach in fear.

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