Raining Teddy Bears! Fans throw down cuddly toys for kids visiting the stadium from hospital

Every once in a while, just when you wonder how grimy, dark and tormenting the world is, humanity reveals its goodness in the form of some selfless act. Those lovely gestures that are sure to make you feel all good and warm inside when you hear or read about it.

One such news came recently from the Feyenoord-Excelsior game in Rotterdam, where the fans started throwing down teddy bears and other cuddly toys to the children visiting the stadium from the local hospital.

Sitting in there reserved seats, the children from the Rotterdam Children’s Hospital was awestruck to be in the stadium for the Feyenoord-Excelsior game.

But, what they didn’t expect was the special surprise that the fans had installed for them.
Within seconds hundreds of cuddly toys and teddy bears showered on the little ones as there face lit up with joy and excitement.

The fans kept on dropping more and more toys until all of them had a handful when they went returned back to their hospital beds.

It’s heartwarming moments like this that make us keep faith in humanity.

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