The Painting Panda: This cuddly artist’s works are now for sale

For people who say art is for the complex minds of humans; never underestimate the other species. Especially, if it is a panda.

Yang Yang, the 18-year-old panda at Vienna Zoo is becoming quite a sensation. as her painting are sold online for a staggering 490 euros ($560) each.

Though the works resemble more of the first scribblings of a small child with a paintbrush, Yang Yang’s abstracts are pulling crowds to the zoo and earning a lot of fans.

Those fans who want to take home a painting for their private art collection or boast to a friend about the cuddly artist’s masterpieces are buying it, along with a certificate to prove its authenticity.

The artist panda uses a bamboo brush to create her masterpieces and has a unique and impressive style, according to the zookeepers.

The funds raised by the sale is being collected by the zoo to produce a picture book about the Austrian zoo’s pandas.


Photo by Jeroen Wehkamp on Unsplash

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