These Adorable Police Puppies Stole The Show At Chile’s Military Parade

Chile’s annual military parade captured a great deal of attention, and the stars who stole the show were a troop of adorable golden retriever puppies.

The fluffy young dogs were – who will grow up to serve as police dogs – took part in the military parade to celebrate Chile’s 208th Independence Day.

The puppies were tucked into neon green pouches worn by the country’s national police force canine unit. The puppy unit was followed by a row of uniformed men walking adult golden retrievers and labradors wearing little boots.

The puppies alone made the parades so memorable that the pictures of them are being shared thousands of times on social media.


¡El momento más esperado por muchos! Rinde honores la Escuela de Adiestramiento Canino, que por segundo año consecutivo, desfilan cachorros que en futuro servirán a nuestra institución. Ayer en brazos, hoy desfilan gallardos en la #GranParadaMilitar 2018. 👏👏👏👏❤️💚🐶🐶🐶

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