What Once You Hated About Yourself Is Now Your Strength

Growing up is tough. Childhood days are always filled with anxieties and self-doubts that haunt us like the Pennywise clown. These deep secrets are those that we bury within us, to save ourselves from getting ridiculed or bullied. But as we grow up, these self-doubts will eventually metamorphose into our greatest strengths.

Writer Ashley C. Ford tweeted the same question and result was a wave of empowering confessions. These interesting replies are sure to make your day.

Β 1. Trademark

2. Making People Happy

3. The Last Laugh

4. Family Matters

5. Open Mind

6. Pride & Power

7. Eyebrows

8. Everything

9. Fricking AWESOME

9. Little Things In Life

9. Bold, Abundant Melanin



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