Unborn Baby Survives After Pregnant Woman Killed With Crossbow

An unborn baby was saved by doctors after its mother Sana Muhammad, 35, was shot to death with a crossbow at her home in Ilford, East London.

The 8 months pregnant woman was attacked and shot in front of her five children, aged between 1 and 17. Her husband Imtiaz Muhammad stated that there was a confrontation with the attacker in their garden shed before the attack.

The police found her with an abdominal injury, with the arrow reportedly passed just inches from the baby’s body. The surgeons at the hospital had to operate the baby out with the arrow still in her body. Unfortunately, they were not able to save the mother.


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  1. The victim suffered a wound to her abdomen during the horrific incident, with the crossbow arrow, called a bolt, missing the unborn baby by mere inches.

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