Here Are The 9 Epic Celebrity Meltdowns That Shocked Everyone

The red carpets, the paparazzi, the stunning lifestyles… These are the things that come to our mind when we think about celebrities. But, things are not always the same. Celebrities are humans too. And sometimes they prove it with some of the most shocking meltdowns ever.

Here are some of such not-so-savory moments which will surely make you wonder what the heck just happened to these people…

1. Selma Blair


The Actress was on a flight to Los Angeles with her son, Arthur, when she burst into tears and started yelling about a man who “burned her private parts”. She continued ranting loudly that the man wouldn’t let her eat or drink. It was later revealed that she had a “psychotic blackout” due to a pill that she had mixed with the in-flight wine.

2. Christian Bale

It was in 2008, during the shooting of Terminator: Salvation that Bale underwent a serious meltdown. Shane Hurlbut, the director of photography, interrupted filming by walking into the set. This provoked the actor to launch a tirade at the director, calling him an amateur.

3. David Hasselhoffthe-hoff-TA

The Baywatch star was not on his best looks when his 16-year-old daughter filmed him drunken and struggling to eat a burger.

4. Mel Gibson


In 2006, this once-highly esteemed actor got into a meltdown after a DUI arrest. Gibson was furiously making an anti-semitic, racist, and sexist rant and unlucky for the actor the police officer had it all on tape. Later, the actor claimed that he had a breakdown, saying: “I was loaded and angry and arrested”.

5. Amanda Bynes


As a child actress, Amanda had dominated her peer pre-teen girl demographic and was setting her sights on a larger, more mature audience. But all went down for nothing as the actress was arrested for marijuana possession, tampering with evidence, and reckless endangerment.

6. Charlie Sheen Sheen-TA

Famous for his role in Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen’s was doing well until his drug addiction spiraled out of control. What followed was some bizarre interviews, one in which he claimed that he had tiger’s blood and was addicted to winning.

7. Margot Kidder

The actress who played Lois Lane in 1978’s Superman was reported missing by her manager in 1996. Police later found her in some bushes, wearing dirty clothes and her hair chopped off via a razor blade.

8. Anne Heche

Shortly after her breakup with Ellen Degeneres, Anne Heche drove to a strangers house in the desert and asked for water and a shower. It was later revealed that she had taken ecstasy before her drive.

9. Snipes tried strangling the directorwesley-snipes-TA

Snipes, famous for his role as Blade, had regular arguments with the director David Goyer. There was even one time when Snipes strangled the director. So he had to get biker bodyguards.





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