Not Cow?! The Shocking Truth Behind Knickers, Australia’s Viral Giant ‘Cow’

The giant cow from Australia has become a bit of a sensation online recently. Called Knickers, this humongous Holestein stands a mighty 6’4″ (193 centimetres) and weighs roughly 2,800 pounds (1,270 kg).

But, is the internet telling you the truth? Or is this too another huge hoax? The truth is, Knikers maybe a gaint as everyone believes. however he is definitely not a cow. Technically he is a steer- a neutered male. So, he may appear as a giant standing in the middle of a herd of cows. But, when it comes to steers, he is not even close to becoming a gaint. The official world record holding steer, Bellino, who lives in Italy stands at 2.02 metres, while our viral giant is just 1.94 metres.

Knickers will be happy anyway that his enormous size made him less optionable for auction as potential buyers thought that he was too large to fit into their farm equipment. We are happy that his huge appearence saved him from the slaughterhouse and gave him a shot at the internet’s quick fame.

Who would have thought that being overweight can save your life and make you famous at the same time?!

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