5 Times Movies Used CGI To Make Actors Look Younger

Nowadays there is computer-generated imagery (CGI) in every movie that hits the silver screen. CGI can not just be heavy explosions or genetically altered extinct monster from outer space. It can be simple stuff like set species to even mustaches. However, the real wonder of these photo-realistic computer graphics is when movie makers started to use it make their actors look younger. The results are so good that even you won’t believe its CGI.

Here are 10 of such moments in recent blockbuster movies.

1. Robert Downey Jr. in Captain America: Civil War (2016):

In Captain America: Civil War, there is a flashback scene where Robert Downey Jr.’s character, Tony Stark revisits his past. It is said that a well-executed CGI and months and months of filming resulted in the final de-aged Downey that you see on screen.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator Salvation (2009)

When they need a cameo of Schwarzenegger, the production crew of Terminator Salvation which didn’t even involve filming the actor. Instead, they used CGI on bodybuilder and actor Roland Kickinger to make him look like a young version of Schwarzenegger.

3. Jeff Bridges in Tron: Legacy (2010)

Tron: Legacy (2010) saw the return of Jeff Bridges as both Kevin Flynn and CLU from the 1982 movie Tron: The Original Classic. Being stuck in the video game for 20 years, the character was not supposed to be aged. However, Jeff Bridges was 60 at the time of filming. Lucky for him, Walt Disney Studios used CGI to make Bridges resemble his younger appearance.

4. Anthony Hopkins in Westworld (2016)

The first season of Westworld, there was a flashback scene involving a young version of Dr. Robert Ford played by Anthony Hopkins. Visual-effects supervisor Jay Worth gave the viewers a surprise by using photos and videos of young Hopkins to make a younger version of Hopkins on screen.

5. Dwayne Johnson in Central Intelligence (2016)

‘The Rock’ also played the younger version of his character in the 2016 movie Central Intelligence. The film used CGI to superimpose Johnson’s face onto the body of Vine star Sione Kelepi for the flashback scenes.

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