Which Zodiac Sign Makes A Successful Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is a person who initiates new commercial success with business personalities that are willing to take a risk in their endeavor. Zodiac signs and “entrepreneurial” traits have certain relations and often brings a question in everyone’s mind, “Which Zodiac Sign Makes A Successful Entrepreneur?”

Depending on which zodiac sign you are, let’s take a look at the various entrepreneurial characteristics that the sign can exhibit.


When it comes to putting ideas into action, Aries are believed to be unstoppable. Mars being Aries’ ruling planet, they are born entrepreneurs and risk takers, and in real sense “warriors”. Aries are spontaneous, active and are always eager for new experiences. They are highly protective of their own and are willing to fight- making them perfect for their business. Hugh Hefner, Claire Wineland, Mukesh Ambani are some of the famous Aries entrepreneurs.


Taurus’ ruling planet is Venus and these entrepreneurs are firm in making decisions. They apply efforts to the situation slowly and steadily. Once they set their goals, they are determined to achieve them. They typically look for results and not responses. Taurean’s are willing to work hard, long unusual hours to get what they set their mind to. Most of them are found to be venture capitalists. Bill Ford, Mark Zuckerberg, Alex Ikonn are some of the famous Taurus entrepreneurs.


Geminis are born entrepreneurs who study and learn about business situations from every possible angle. They focus on the details and have found their success in the publishing and writing field. These entrepreneurs are a bit moody but amazing communicators with a tendency to walk away with the opportunities out of any tight spot. They gather ideas, talks to people and comes up with a plan with all clarity. Donald Trump, Anil Ambani, Alan Cooper are some of the famous Gemini entrepreneurs.


Cancerians are very selective and careful in choosing their partners, investors, and employees. Those who are tuned into the entrepreneurs business vision are invited into their business world. They do not take bullshit and are straight in their talks. Moon being Cancer’s ruling planet, they have excellent memories and handles responsibilities with ease as they are innovative problem solvers. Richard Branson (Virgin Group), Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Walt Disney are some of the famous Cancerian entrepreneurs.


The ruling planet being the Sun, Leo entrepreneurs are natural business leaders with risk-taking, gracious personalities and most importantly known for overcoming adversities. With a sense of showmanship that makes them immediately noticeable, they have a commanding presence and does not like to implement but prefers to delegate. Steve Wozniak, Sergey Brin, Henry Ford are some of the famous entrepreneurs.


Majority of the Forbes Billionaire list have the Virgo zodiac sign than any other, which is good news for all the Virgo’s out there. Virgo’s ruling planet being Mercury, they are a joy to work with as long as you understand their obsessive need to be productive on daily basis. They are perfectionists and have a talent in knowing how to make their dream come true. Staying fully focused in their business is their highest priority. Warren Buffet, Larry Ellison, Beyonce are some of the famous Virgo entrepreneurs.


Ruled by Venus, they are excellent entrepreneurs and are believed to be
gracious and amazing communicators. When it comes to business, they are smooth operators. They are too refined and genteel to fight dirty. Rather than doing business solo, Libra entrepreneurs prefer working in partnership. They have strong ideas about making life fair and decisions are made and actions are arranged based on what they feel is the just and equitable solution. If drawn into a dispute, they will quickly state their position and be done. For them, there is no poking into old wounds and they thrive in partnership with no issue in sharing the glory. Serena Williams, Kim Kadarshian, Sam Walton, Simon Cowell, Michael Douglas, are some of the famous Libra entrepreneurs.


Scorpio’s are successful ambitious entrepreneurs in money making businesses like investing, stocks, analyzing markets etc., and are associated with the 8th house of investments. Pluto being the ruling planet, they have a keen eye for quality and are shrewd, powerful, determined and jealous. They are prone to obsessions and can block out distractions and can concentrate or focus like a laser beam. Shah Rukh Khan, Bill Gates, Nita Ambani are some of the famous Scorpio entrepreneurs.


With a penetrating thought process and a curious mind, they are strong intellectual entrepreneurs. Philosophy, politics and morality are their strong points. Optimism and faith guide them through the most troublesome experiences in the business world. They are too focused on their work and love to explore new opportunities. Andrew Carnegie, Steven Spielberg, Woody Allen are some of the famous entrepreneurs.


Capricorns are very hard-working and pragmatic, highly ambitious entrepreneurs whose ruling planet is Saturn. They are excellent with their finances and faces no problems with their money. They are team players and like working as a part of a team than bossing around. They are likely to achieve positions of power and tend to surround themselves with highly successful personalities. Jeff Bezos, Jim Carrey, Ted Danson, Michael Newton are some famous Capricorn entrepreneurs.


Aquarian entrepreneurs are fiercely independent which is the most striking quality. They are rational entrepreneurs who never look back and are rather more focused on their business future plans, making them excel in various business dealings. Aquarius’ ruling planet being Uranus, gives them the power of quick and easy transformation which makes them deep thinkers, progressives and humanists. Oprah Winfrey, Cindy Gallop, Thomas Edison are some of the famous entrepreneurs.


They are intuitive entrepreneurs that understand the regression and flow of the business and doesn’t believe in wasting time. Their ruling planets are Jupiter and Neptune which makes them amazingly brilliant at expressing themselves. They tend to float on top of situations and aren’t too concerned about profit and loss. Famous Pisces entrepreneurs include Steve Jobs, Peter Jones, Jan Koum, George Dayton

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