Alabama Tornado: Youngest Victim was a 6 year old

The Alabama tornado, the EF-4, hit Alabama with wind speeds of 170 mph on Sunday, leaving a track almost a mile wide. Chris Darden, meteorologist in charge at the National Weather Service’s Birmingham office said the path of destruction from the EF-4 is at least 24 miles long. 23 people have been found dead and all of them have been identified except 6 since they were not physically identified by sight. Officials are scanning their fingerprints in hopes of identifying them.

The death toll is still likely to rise as search-and-rescue efforts are still continuing in the South-eastern part of the state and as the search teams make their way into new areas. The rescue crew will be dealing with temperatures in the 30s on Tuesday morning. Among those killed in Alabama, three children aged 6, 9 and 10 are among them.

The youngest is identified as Armando Hernandez who was known to his family as AJ and was described as “a precious little man that was loved by everyone” who “was always eager to give hugs and loved his family,” his aunt Tina Melton said in a Facebook post. Armando’s family lost their homes in the Tornado as well.

The other victim was a fourth-grade student, Taylor Thornton, who was described as inquisitive and a positive influence on those around her. Today the classes were cancelled due to the significant amount of damage surrounding the school. There are students who lost their homes or suffer from property damage. The last deadliest tornado was an EF-5 storm in Moore, Oklahoma, that killed 24 people in May 2013.

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