Siti Aisyah Gets Freedom After Being Charged With The Murder Of Kim Jong-nam

Siti Aisyah was one of two women who was charged with the murder of the estranged brother of Kim Jong-un in Kuala Lumpur airport in February 2017. Kim Jong-nam was smeared with the toxic nerve agent VX on his face as he waited to board a flight to Macau. Within 20 minutes, he died. Siti and Doan Thi Huong, from Vietnam, were the women who smeared the toxic and were taken into custody in 2017.

However, the case against Siti Aisyah has been dropped by a court in Malaysia. A decision in Kuala Lumpur on Monday morning released her from custody. Siti and Doan claimed that they were tricked into executing the murder by North Korean operatives, who told them they were playing a prank for a Japanese comedy show. They thought they were smearing lotion on Kim Jong-nam’s face. North Korea denied any involvement in the killing, though the United States, South Korean and Malaysian authorities say otherwise.

On Monday morning at Shah Alam high court in Kuala Lumpur, prosecutors dropped the charges against Siti but did not ask the judge to drop charges against Huong, a decision her lawyer criticised as “unfair.” Prosecutors are expected to announce whether they will continue with the case against Huong in a trial on Thursday. Reason for dropping the charges against Siti has not been provided by the prosecution.

“I am very happy, I did not expect my release. This is my day of freedom. Thank you to the Indonesian President Jokowi and the Indonesian ministries and the government who assigned a Malaysian lawyer for me. Thank you to the Malaysian government for releasing me”, said Siti. Siti’s lawyer, Gooi Soon Seng said, “I finished my job … She is a free person now, she will be going back to Indonesia”. Arrangements were being made for Siti to fly back home tonight, reports from the embassy officials.

A statement by the foreign ministry on Monday said that Siti Aisyah was “deceived and did not realise at all that she was being manipulated by North Korean intelligence.” Kim Jong-nam, who was the favoured child to take over from his father Kim Jong-il, became alienated from the family after an incident in 2001. An incident that caused embarrassment to Kim Jong-il, forced him to cut ties with his son and refused to let him back to Pyongyang. His murder sparked a diplomatic stand-off between North Korea and Malaysia, with the nations briefly banning its other citizens from leaving.


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