Transgender Activist Chella Man To Take The Roll Of Titans Jericho

The DC Universe series announced that Chella Man, a transgender activist will join Titans 2nd season as Joseph Wilson (Jericho), Deathstroke’s metahuman son who has the ability to possess anyone he makes eye contact with. In real life Chella Man is deaf and his new character was rendered mute after a fateful accident and communicates via ASL or by using the voices of those he’s taken hold of.

With over 200,000 followers on Instagram, Chella is self-proclaimed genderqueer and a deaf artist and his stories have been featured in i-D Magazine, Vice and Conde Nast’s LGBTQ platform. Man is a YouTuber and shares his journey with gender dysphoria and gender transition.

According to DC, Jericho will be an ally of sorts to the team as they face off against his murderous father. Also, there is a chance that, like his comics counterpart, he’ll be bisexual when he’s introduced to the show.

Fans congratulated Chella on acquiring the role.

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