Shooting In Seattle Kills Two And Leaves Two Critically Injured

A gunman opened fire in a Street in Seattle and fled which led to a fatal car accident. The gunman’s rampage killed two and has severely injured two civilians. The 33-year-old suspect, who is yet to be identified, was taken into custody on Wednesday. Seattle Deputy Police Chief Marc Garth Green said “we only believe that this is a one lone suspect involved in this random, senseless act” and that “we’re outraged at what this suspect did.”

At first, the gunman carjacked a woman in the north end of the city and motive for the carjacking is yet to be found. The suspect shot and wounded the woman after which he opened fire on a bus, wounding driver Eric Stark. The wounded bus driver then moved his bus to a safe location, keeping the 12 passengers on board from harm’s way. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan called Stark a hero who saved lives. Durkan at a news conference said, “I want him and his family to know that all the wishes of Seattle go out to him and hope for a speedy recovery” and the city grieves with the loved ones of those killed and injured.

The suspect then carjacked the second vehicle, fatally shooting the driver and killing the 50-year-old man, police said. When officers came to the scene, the gunman got into the car and fled. He then crossed into oncoming traffic and collided head-on into another car a few blocks away, killing the driver, Green said. Authorities said, the suspect was arrested after a brief standoff and was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The second person killed in the collision was a 70-year-old man, reported Seattle Fire Chief Harold Scoggins.

“It appears that this was just a random act, that some type of issue surrounding him, either maybe mental health or substance abuse or something along those lines may have triggered this,” Green said. Investigators were looking into the gunman’s history, and a family member of his who was with him before the shooting is fully cooperating with police, he said.



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