Denzil Washington And Frances McDormand To Star In the Shakespearean Play “Macbeth”

A new take on Shakespeare’s play Macbeth will begin with Denzil Washington and Frances McDormand to star in the movie. The movie will be directed by Joel Cohen, husband of Frances McDormand, who will also write the adaption for the movie.  He will be teamed up with producer Scott Rudin and the movie will be distributed worldwide by A24. The movie is expected to be shot before the end of the year.

“Macbeth” was first turned into a film By Orsen Welles in 1948 and since then numerous adaptations have followed. The play revolves around the character Macbeth who gets lost by his ambition and greed after hearing a prophecy that he will become the King of Scotland himself. A prophecy by a trio of witches sends him to go down a path to attain the crown. With his wife’s encouragement, he kills King Duncan and takes the throne.

With Washington’s busy schedule, he will first shoot the Warner Bros. thriller “Little Things” in the fall which will be followed by “Macbeth” at the beginning of 2020. He will also be directing his next project ” Journal For Jordon”, starring Michael B. Jordan.



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