World’s Tallest Politician – New York Councilman Sets Record In the Guinness World Records

A city councilman and a former professional basketball player, Robert Cornegy Jr., representing Brooklyn, set a world record of the worlds tallest politician. This is a new addition to the records New York already holds. New York holds the Guinness World Records for the most billionaires and for being the most Instagrammed city. Robert stands at 6-foot-10 inches, reports The New York Times. He played basketball at the University of Iowa and in Germany.

“What I went through to get this measurement was borderline ridiculous,” said Cornegy. He received the designation on Wednesday at a ceremony at City Hall. At the ceremony, he said the honor “fulfills a childhood fantasy … Every kid grows up wanting to be in Guinness”. He also said he didn’t know that “being a tall politician was a thing.”

Jon Godfread, North Dakota insurance commissioner, claimed he’s the title’s rightful owner standing an inch and 3/4 higher than the Brooklyn Democrat and on another side, Brad Sellers, a 7-foot former Ohio State, and Chicago Bulls star-turned-mayor of Warrensville Heights, Ohio, claimed the honor should be his.

Guinness authorities announced the official record holder as Cornegy, beating Louis Gluckstein, a London politician who died in 1979, by two and a half inches.

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